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A statement from our founder, Rachel Mount:


"Lymphoma accounts for 1 in 5 cancer diagnoses in young people.

As an overall active and healthy 23 year old, getting a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma came as a complete shock. Receiving treatment to battle the cancer was my number one priority but one of the most difficult aspects of my diagnosis was the prospect of losing my hair. 

Chemotherapy is what cured my cancer but cold capping is what saved my mental health. It is such a simple technology yet it had such a profound part in my healing journey. Cold capping saved my hair and in doing so gave me some control over the disease. 

I am certain that if I lost my hair, my cancer journey would have been much more difficult. I was fortunate to have the financial means to afford cold cap therapy on top of all the other cancer expenses but that is not the case for many patients. 

I believe resources that provide mental or physical comfort to cancer patients should be made easily accessible and available. I hope to use my experience to help other young adults take some control over their disease by providing funding for cold capping.". 

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